CABINS                                                                          FACILITIES                                                                         AMENITIES   

1 Master Cabin – en suite                                  Covered 360 degree Top Deck with dining area & Loungers     

4 Double cabins with child bunk – Shower and Hand basin       9 seater Jacuzzi                                                                   

10 single beds in the salon area, 2 bunk beds on deck           Inside breakfast room                                                          

4 Additional Bathrooms                                                        Inside Salon and Bar   Air conditioned                                    

All cabins are air conditioned                                                TV, CD player and iPod docking station

Mosquito nets are provided

Mattresses for those wanting to sleep on the deck

Fully fitted Kitchen / Skottle BBQ, All linen, cutlery &

crockery provided / 2 tender boats, 4 Crew (Captain, chef and deckhands)

TV, CD player and iPod docking station